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Compiled by Patrick William Dunn

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Here's to lying, stealing, and cheating:May you lie to save a friend;May you steal the heart of the one you love;
nd may you cheat death!


Introduction, Disclaimer and Thanks!

In the research I've done online, and even in some of the "original" materials I've used - hard copies of documents, letters and other items - I've learned that compiling a Family History is more art than science. Occasionally I've found that information previously believed to be correct has not been accurate. In fact, I've come to realize that errors and omissions are inevitable. If you discover something that needs correcting, please let me know and I'll gladly make the necessary changes. And if you have something to add - a photo, a letter, a birth certificate or obituary, for example - I'd be thrilled to hear from you!

If you can use information, photos, etc., you find here for your own family history, feel free to utilize it; after all, the archive being created here belongs to all of us. My only request is that you acknowledge the source. Consistent with that request, I've tried to document the sources from which I've drawn the info in this blog - and also to alert you when I've included something I'm not sure of. In addition, at times I've made assumptions and/or guesstimated about timelines, dates, and so on. I've also let you know when I've done that.

What you'll find here is my absolute best effort to nail down the facts and preserve the stories of the sometimes amazing, sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring and sometimes disappointing - but always interesting - events and people whose DNA has been passed down to make us who we are.

Finally, I must extend a heartfelt thanks to the many people who have contributed things you see here. In this process I've connected with several long-lost relatives because of this blog - people I didn't even know existed - and that's been one of the most exciting parts of this experience! It's an ongoing labor of love, and I hope you enjoy having it available as much as I'm enjoying the process of compiling it.



Index and Links ◄ Updated 9/8/2010
Why Did Our Ancestors Leave Ireland?
How Could They Afford the Passage?

The Furthest We’ve Gotten Back On the Paternal Side:
Pierce Dunn / Ireland

The Immigrants:
Michael Dunn / Ireland
Dunns in 1860 Madison County, Illinois
Edward Nolan / Ireland – Where Our Nolan Line Came From in Ireland
John Ring / Ireland
Mathias Schwarz / Casper Lauer / Germany

The First Generation Americans:
William Edward Dunn, Son of Michael Dunn
William Edward Dunn's 1892 Marriage License, 1902 Letters
Peter L Dunn, Son of Michael Dunn
Stephen G Dunn, Son of Michael Dunn
Photos: Edward Francis Nolan and Family
Nolan Family Obituaries

The Second Generation:
Eugene Michael Dunn, Son of William Edward Dunn
John Henry Dunn, Son of William Edward Dunn
Stephen C Dunn, Son of William Edward Dunn
Edward T Dunn, Son of William Edward Dunn
Francis A. (Smiley) Dunn, Son of William Edward Dunn
Helen Dunn Green Wolf, Daughter of William Edward Dunn
Leo Peter Dunn, Son of Peter L Dunn

The Third Generation:
Franklin L [Dunn] Myers, Great Grandson of Michael Dunn
William Edward (Bill) Dunn (1918-1986)

Our Maternal Side - The Cash Family Line:
The U.S. Revolutionary War and Our Cash Family
Our Cash Family Connection
Historic Cash Family Letter and Photos
More Historic Cash Family Photos
Still More Ancestral Cash Family Photos
Memorial Day, 1891 - Article Referring to William Galen Cash
Our Cash, Bonar, Perkins and Field Lines & the U.S. Civil War
William H. H. Cash - a Colorful Family Member
The Politics and Religion of Our Maternal Ancestors
"Civil War" Jonathan Cash - and Cash Family Obituaries

Our Maternal Side - The Anderson, Bonar and Perkins Lines
Our Anderson/Bonar/Cash Family Connection
Our Perkins/Anderson/Cash Connection ◄ Expanded on 8/23/10

Our Maternal Side - The Jones/McPherson Lines
Our Jones Family Connection - Part 1 ◄ New 8/30/10
Our Jones Family Connection - Part 2 ◄ New 9/8/10

Our Jones Family Connection - Part 3, Bessie Whitsett Bradstock ◄ New 9/20/10
 Our Jones Family Connection, Part 4 - 124 Year Old Photo? ◄ New 9/22/10

Other Information:
Did Irish Immigrants Live in Caves in Chicago?
Historical Info About Ancient Dunn(e)s
Life in Brittas, Family Seat of the Ancient Dunn(e)s
What Became of Brittas Castle - and the Brittas Dunnes?

Surnames and Coats of Arms:
Variations of the Dunn Coat of Arms/Crest
The History of Surnames and Coats of Arms
Origin and History of the Surname Dunn
The Dunn Name and Interesting Trivia
Origin and History of the Surname Anderson
Origin and History of the Surname Cash
Origin and History of the Surname Cavanaugh/Kavanaugh
Origin and History of the Surname Grace
Origin and History of the Surname Jones
Origin and History of the Surname Lauer

Origin and History of the Surname Nolan
Origin and History of the Surname Perkins
Origin and History of the Surname Ring
Origin and History of the Surname Schwarz

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