Photos: Edward Francis Nolan and family

▲ This photo of four generations is from August, 1941, and shows Edward Francis Nolan, aka Francis Edward Nolan, age 61, holding his great grandson, Patrick William Dunn, age 8 months. In the middle is Ed's daughter, Hazel Nolan Dunn, age 42, and on the left is her son and Pat's father, William Edward (Bill) Dunn, age 23.

▲ This picture is an expansion from the one above, and provides a portrait of what Ed Nolan looked like in 1941.

▲ This photo is Ed Nolan with his daughter, the nun Sister Jane Patricia Nolan. It's undated, but appears to be circa 1941, since his appearance is similar to the 1941 photo above.

▲ In this picture he appears to be somewhat younger than the ones above, and I suspect it's circa the 1930s
. It's not clear who the ladies in the background are, but they may also be family members.

▲ This photo of Ed Nolan and some of his children is circa 1908, and came from a video prepared by his granddaughter, Mary Jo Nolan Tongue. It was provided by his great grandson, Daniel Nolan and his wife, Jennifer, and it's the earliest known picture of Hazel Loretta Nolan.

From left to right in this picture are Agnes (who became the nun, Sister Jane Patricia), Bernard, Ed (at about age 28), Harold Joseph and Hazel Nolan (at about age 9), who was to become Hazel Nolan Dunn Youngs .

In identifying those in the picture, Jennifer Nolan said, "...
My theory is that since there is no wife included in the picture, [Johanna, the mother of Agnes, Bernard and Harold Joseph, died sometime after Harold Joseph's birth] I'm assuming this picture was taken after 11/29/07 (Harold Joseph's birth) and before he [Ed] married Margaret [O'Neil] on 10/19/1910. My guess is it was taken circa summer of 1908. I think the baby looks to be be about 8-9 months old."

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