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After posting Cash family info from my generation's uncle DeRand Jones' Family Hiistory archive on this blog, unexpected and delightfully positive results occurred. Not the least of these is that I have been contacted by long-lost Cash cousins. They've provided an amazing array of information, photos, documents and articles that greatly expand our knowledge about this line of our ancestral family, including those you see on this page.

What a blessing that has been! Sincere thanks to those who have contributed!

(Source: This undated photo of "Civil War" Jonathan Cash was provided by Cash cousin Cyndi. He appears to be about 60 years old here. If that's correct, since he was born in 1838 this photo is circa 1898.) 

▲ (Source: Cash cousin Kathy Shea's family tree on Ancestry.com.)

The photo above is the family of Jonathan Cash (1838-1908), wife Lydia and their four sons. Because he served in the Civil War, I'm calling him "Civil War" Jonathan to distinguish him from the several other Jonathans in our ancestral Cash family.

This is Jonathan's second family; the youngest boy in the photo, presumably Jesse - on Jonathan's lap - appears to be about three years old. If that's correct, because Jesse was born in 1844 this photo is circa 1847. See below for more about this family.

Before I get to the articles below, I'll take a step back and look at some descendancy - starting with "Civil War" Jonathan's father, who was my generation's maternal GGG grandfather.


Name: Jonathan Cash ("1801 Jonathan")
Birth: 02 October 1801 in Maryland
Death: 29 March 1874 in Belmont County, Ohio
Burial: Belmont Ridge Cemetery, Belmont County, Ohio
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: 1803 Ohio
Residence: 1840-1874 Flushing Township, Belmont County, Ohio

Marriage: Mary Stotlar (1801-1854)

10 September 1822

Hezekiah Cash (1822-1881)
Henry T. Cash  (1826-1907)
Isaiah Cash (1835-1835) - died as an infant
Jonathan Cash (1838-1908) - "Civil War" Jonathan above
Rezin Cash (1842-1844) - died as a child
William Galen Cash (1847-1916) - my generation's maternal GG grandfather

As you can see from the above, "1801 Jonathan" and wife, Mary, had four children who survived into adulthood. After Mary's death, this Jonathan married Elizabeth Haines (1811-1879) in 1855. No record of their having children has been found.
(Source: Cash cousin Kathy Shea's family tree on Ancestry.com)

The cousin calculator tells me that "Civil War" Jonathan is my generation's GG grand uncle, which makes sense, since he's the brother of our GG grandfather.


Below are obituaries and a memoriam for three of the brothers above, plus Lenora "Lena" Cash Hawkins, Jonathan's daughter.

(Click, possibly twice, to make them readable.)

This obituary for "Civil War" Jonathan was provided by Cash cousin Cyndi, the great granddaughter of Etta Cash Jester (see below). It's circa August 1908.
(Cyndi provided two copies, and I've included both here because there are some words that are
clearer in one version than the other.)


The obituary refers to his service during the Civil War; here's some detail.

Jonathan Cash

Enlistment date: 18 February 1865
Side served: Union
State served: Ohio
Service record: Enlisted as a Private on 18 February 1865 at the age of 26.
Mustered out: 26 September 1865 at Lexington, KY.
(Source: Ancesty.com record of his enlistment)


Ohio 185th Infantry

Quote: "The regiment lost a total of 35 enlisted men during service, all due to disease."

Col., John E. Cummins; Lieut. Col., Dennis E. Williams; Maj., Horatio N. Benjamin.

This regiment was organized at Camp Chase, Feb. 25, 1865, to serve for one year. It left there on Feb. 27, under orders to report to Gen. Thomas at Nashville, but was detained at Louisville by Gen. Palmer, who applied to Gen. Thomas and obtained permission to retain the regiment in Kentucky. Regimental headquarters were established at Eminence and the companies were scattered through the state from Owensboro to Cumberland gap, the latter place being guarded for several months by four companies of the regiment. Mt. Sterling was guarded by two companies together with a detachment of the 53d Ky., all under the command of Maj. Benjamin. Shelbyville, Lagrange, Greensburg and several other towns were garrisoned at times by companies of the regiment. On Sept. 26 it was mustered out at Lexington, in accordance with orders from the war department.
(Source: Ancesty.com record of his regiment's history)


Here's part of "Civil War" Jonathan's descendancy:

 Jonathan Cash

Born: 15 November 1838
Died: 24 August 1908

1st Marriage: Keziah A. Romans (1842-1877)
Married: 10 December 1860 in Belmont County, Ohio


Julia Ann Cash (1862-1865) - died as a child
Mary Addie Cash (About 1865-1897)
Etta Cash (1866-1944)
Lewis Ross Cash (1870-1896)
Elizabeth Cash (1872-1933)
Lenora K. Cash (1875-1919) - twin of Benson
Benson J. Cash (1875-1938) - twin of Lenora


2nd Marriage:
Lydia Mariah Van Fossen (1856 - 1931)

Married: 25 December 1877 in Belmont County, Ohio

Wilford Thoburn Cash (1878-1941)
Albert Wherry Cash (1880-1961)
George Wesley Cash (1881-1960)
Jesse Victor Cash (1884-1958)
Pansy Rosanna Cash (1894-?)
(Source: Cash cousin Kathy Shea's family tree on Ancestry.com)


This memoriam and what appears to be a separate obituary were provided by Cash cousin Cyndi and are circa July, 1907.

Two items of interest in them are the reference to Samuel Perkins being one of Henry's pallbearers and the handwritten note about the 200 acre farm he reportedly inherited from his father's "grant land". Samuel Perkins is another member of our extended ancestral family, and his story will be covered later in this blog. The story of the "grant land" is interesting, and will also be covered later.
To get this double-page image  below to work without being cut off required me to use a smaller image than the other pages of Henry's items. Click on it to make it readable.


This obituary for W. G. Cash was provided by Cash cousin Cyndi and is circa September, 1916. Because his descendancy is covered in detail here in this blog, I will not duplicate it on this page. It is from this brother that I and my branch of this family descend.

Also provided by Cash cousin Cyndi, this obituary for Lena (Lenora) Cash Hawkins is circa December 1919.



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