Life in Brittas, Family Seat of Ancient Dunn(e)s

Life in Brittas was reportedly very grand according to the daughter of Bridget Dunne, who was born and raised there.

Undated photo of Lucy Lawler Rogers, daughter of Bridget Dunne (click to enlarge it)

Kevin Akers, GG grandson of Bridget Dunne, is a descendant of the Dunnes of Brittas. Brittas was the family seat of the ancient Dunnes in County Laois in the province of Leinster in the Republic of Ireland.

He contacted me after reading about the Dunnes of Brittas in this blog, and sent me some family letters that say Bridget’s father was Peter Dunne of Brittas. In one of the letters, Bridget’s daughter, Lucy Lawler Rogers, describes life in the Brittas estate, where Bridget was born.

“Bridget Dunne, my mother, was the daughter of Peter Dunne of Balanclory(?), Brittas is Gaelic pronunciation. The name of the estates mean Stradbally and her mother was Miss MacDowall of the above [previously referenced] family. She never forgot her noble ancestry but was very proud, mild and deeply religious.

They were surrounded with beauty and wealth and servants. Mother, Bridget Dunne, was born there in that home and reared in refinement and education. Her very manner all thru life never changed, even thru the rude environment of family life of the 1850’s and 60’s on a mountain farm.

I only realize now all she bore in patience and silence thru her great piety and faith in God. She was educated in a convent by the Presentation sisters at Stradbally and had a very wonderful education, was particularly interested in astronomy and history.”

Source: Lucy Lawler Rogers in a letter written in the mid-1930s to her niece, Henrietta Welch, letter and photo provided by Kevin Akers
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