What was Leona D Cash Jones’ middle name?

In doing some online research about my generation’s maternal grandmother, Nelle Virginia Field Jones, I ran across a site for the county marriage archive where her marriage to our grandfather, Carleton D Jones, is recorded.

Leona D Cash, circa 1905
From record of Ohio Marriages, 1790-1950
(Click to enlarge - Source)

In that archive, seen here, Carleton’s information shows his mother’s maiden name as “Dove”. Simply stated, that’s incorrect, for it’s well established from many sources that her maiden name was Cash.

For example, her name is recorded in several censuses as Leona D Cash. If her middle name was Dove, that's consistent. In other words, perhaps her full maiden name was Leona Dove Cash.

A Cash cousin suggested that perhaps Leona adopted “Dove” as her maiden name. However, that doesn't seem to apply, for the marriage application for Carleton's side of his marriage record would presumably have been completed by him, not Leona. And he certainly knew her maiden name was Cash.

The idea that she may have used Dove vs. Cash also seems odd in that I've never seen the name Dove show up anywhere other than Carleton's marriage record. If she had used "Dove" it seems it would have been recorded in some other record along the way. It's not worth spending time researching it, but I've always been curious as to why her middle name isn't spelled out anywhere in the
records I've seen, while those of her sisters are.

It's a small mystery
that may have been cleared up via this marriage record.

Bottom line: Unless evidence turns up to the contrary, I'm thinking that Carleton submitted her whole maiden name, Leona Dove Cash, for the marriage record - and for some reason it was truncated to Leona Dove by whoever recorded it for the county archives.

Errors occur in genealogy records; in this example, Carleton's birthplace is incorrectly recorded as Hendesburg instead of Hendrysburg and his father's name is recorded as Fleet instead of Fleetwood.
I've seen stranger things than these in other records.


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